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High performance materials workshop lighting project
High tech parking lot lighting project
Rail Transit Project
Underground gallery lighting works
University Campus Lighting Project

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Ritter lighting

The company is engaged in solar photovoltaic power generation, solar street lamp, solar garden lamp, solar lawn lamp and other kinds of solar lighting lamps, as well as the research and development, production and sales of various municipal street lamps. Under the strong support of national policies, the company has realized the industrialization of solar photovoltaic power generation products, and has a number of national patents. Inspired by the enterprise spirit of "gratitude, dedication, pragmatism and innovation", all staff of the company work together and forge ahead. Now, the company designs, develops and produces products involving: site environmental monitoring system, solar street lamp, solar courtyard lamp, Taiyuan solar power plant Solar lawn lamp, solar grid connected power station, solar home power generation system, and other high-tech products. Products involved in construction sites, docks, parks, residential areas and other places.

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About Us